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hard work, open mind

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Approaches to life as they pertain to opportunity...


Focus on thinking about what we want to happen for us.

Dream about what we’ll do when our opportunity arrives.

We won’t work hard in the moment because we are meant for more.

Why would we do work that is beneath us if we're meant for more?

We miss the fact that if we suck now our future opportunities are not coming leaving many perpetually frustrated.


Focus on controlling everything we do right now.

Install the daily habits and routines to create the skills to dominate our current situation.

Give no thought to what’s next because this is safe and this is working.

Why would I change what’s good for something uncertain?

We miss the fact that change is inevitable and we don't even see the next opportunity leaving many perpetually stagnant.


Focus on our priorities today.

Always tweaking and improving ourselves and our situation.

AND we have an eye on the future.

Why can't the current opportunity create the next one?

We understand that today is the bridge to tomorrow and our steps today take us where we're going.

Our actions and intentions create our growth and opportunity and we can have it all through hard work with an open mind.


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