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Who are 'They'?

They say we shouldn't do this.

They say this will happen.

They say it needs to be done like this.

Who the fuck are they?

You all have something that you want to do.

Something that you’re not doing.

Because of them.

Fuck what they think.

You say you don’t care, but you do.

So do I.

They stop you.

And me.

(Revised: they used to stop me)

If we really want to make a true impact on our own lives,

then we must stop giving a shit about how they respond.

If we really want to impact people,

then it means we have to set a true example for them.

It's risky to put yourself out there.

But we all need to do it.

We don't all need a business, or a blog, or podcast.

We don't all need to live in public.

But we do need to listen to that voice that's asking us to do something important to us.

We do need to live true to ourselves with a high level of disregard for what they may say about it.

It does not matter what they say or how they respond.

95% of them won’t get it anyway.

That’s why most people are most people.

A percentage of people will admire quietly.

Very few will respond positively…especially at first.

But we owe it to ourselves to live our story out loud.

By doing so we allow our real tribe to find us.

The people that get me and live on the same page will arrive.

By living true to me I create a network to support.

A network that enriches the lives of all of us in it.

But it starts with not giving a fuck and putting myself out there.

The truth is that most people won’t pay attention long enough to give a shit anyway.

You don’t do it for them.

You do it for the one’s who need it.

Just like you.

The ones who want it with you.

Focus & Fortitude


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