Who Are You?

Who are you going to be?

It’s easy to point fingers these days.

Whose fault is it?

I can’t believe...

...they did that.

...said that.

...accepted that.

I can’t believe they THINK that.

So do I work on my weakness or settle at criticizing others for theirs?

I’ve been quick to cast stones and assume intentions

while letting myself off the hook for similar transgressions.

Don’t be fooled...

everyone can see it.

We know whose covering up and deflecting insecurity.

We know because we’ve all been there.

We all go there.

I’ve been there.

I still go there.

The key is not to have it figured out...

or pretend to.

Everything is unlocked when we find the willingness to be open and working on it.

So what is it?

And who are you going to be?



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