Who are you when the SH*T hits the fan?

There are only 2 types of people when the shit hits the fan.

People who support and people who exploit.

Many people support the community in the face of uncertainty.

People have become more patient and empathetic.

They realize how small this world is and how much we all rely on each other.

So they are courteous and helpful.

Supportive and comforting.

They do what they can...even if it’s not much.

They lead.

Other people exploit the community in the name of survival.

Many people are using this as an “opportunity”...

*Buy shit and sell it overpriced to people who are scared.

*Market your businesses by exploiting fear and uncertainty.

*Leverage essential products to get leads.

*Push politics to try and be right or to ‘win’.

All of this while everyone is in crisis mode.

Let's be clear, taking advantage of fear to move yourself ahead in uncertain times makes you a shithead.

You have free will and you can do as you please during these times so feel free to operate as you see necessary.

But make no mistake...

Who you are when the shit hits the fan will ultimately determine your results over the long haul.

Short sighted assholes may win the moment...but there is a scoreboard...and they will eventually lose it all.

Don't be an ass.

Focus & Fortitude


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