You can win if you want

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

Learning anything is 90% your responsibility.

10% belongs to the course.

The rest is yours.

How else do you explain why everyone that is exposed to the same information doesn’t have the same result?

It’s the individual.

How do they approach the info?

Are they open minded?

Do that take initiative?

Are they enthusiastic?

Do they want to be there?

Do they want to learn?

Do they see the value in developing?

The same is true of the results in any facet of your life.

It’s 10% situation (at most) and 90% your reaction and approach to it.

That’s what separates winners and losers.

Haves and have nots.

It’s not the info.

It’s not the presentation.

It’s not the game.

It’s the player.

It's up to you to play.

You can win if you want.



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