You Want to Fix Society?

Far too many of us have been put to sleep...

...and the weak among us are winning the war.

Collectively, we are conditioned to expect help.

To feel helpless. To be victims.

We focus on how hard we have it with no consideration for context.

By nature we are self-centered and egotistical beings...

...but that’s not the problem.

The problem is that we are too lazy to work through it...

...and to harness it for the solutions.

We stop at the challenges and we don't look past the problems.

We are content to bitch about it and wait for help to arrive.

We don't do the work necessary to solve it for ourselves.

Convenience has softened us to the point that we don’t even consider figuring shit out for ourselves anymore.

We've lost touch with true independence or sovereignty.

It’s rare to find free thinking problem solvers.

We used to be rewarded for the effort we put it and the results that fell out.

Not anymore...

Having a consistent health issue?

It’s the healthcare system.

They can’t diagnose me.

Having problems with your weight?

It’s the food industry.

They don’t provide affordable options.

Kids having problems with math?

It’s the school system.

His teachers are failing him.

Problems making ends meet?

It’s the economy.

The government is keeping me down.

Problems with productivity?

It’s my calendar.

I don’t have time.

Problems in your marriage?

It’s my spouse.

He is an asshole.

We have become entitled, helpless, and weak minded.

It's never my fault.

ALL of our problems stem from our inability to take ownership.

We have also been conditioned to seek easier, simpler, faster and more immediate.


We’ve traded effective for convenient.

We’ve traded satisfied for acceptable.

We don’t earn it.

We expect it.

We think it's just supposed to happen.

It's ours because we are here.

You are enough... a false statement.

It’s incomplete.

Yes, you have enough to figure it out...

...but you have to apply yourself to it.

Applying yourself to the solutions you need is the lifelong endeavor.

It would provide us the peace and confidence we all desperately want but we avoid it because it’s hard and we think we deserve to just have it.

If I am struggling, then it is ME who must address my problems and work through potential's not someone else's responsibility to figure me out.

Take control as soon as humanly possible...

...because nobody will ever care for you like you should care for you.

It’s only when we have taken care of ourselves in our own minds that we can genuinely help each other.

You want to fix society?

Fix yourself.

If we each win.

Then we all win.

What do you need to do to gain control of yourself and your life?

Focus + Fortitude


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