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everything is opportunity

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Confused about opportunity and making the ‘right decision’?

Good news!...there are no wrong decisions in life.

We determine whether the choice we made was right or wrong based on the outcome.

But the outcome was dictated by our effort and ability…not the decision itself.

So then we cannot be crippled by trying to choose the right path.

What if neither path is right?

And neither path is wrong?

What if they are just paths?

Every option an opportunity?

What if opportunity isn’t a chance beginning but a bridge between what you did and what you'll do?

Just as today is the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.

Could this remove the excuse we carry that tells us that we are not ready or we haven’t been given the right chances?

Opportunity is not random, it's constant.

Everything is Opportunity.

Start where you are right now.

Right now is the result of previous choice and action and it's the only place we can be.

Work now giving what you can to the current path you are on.

To improve the path or to get off of it.

Work at it long enough that the next opportunity presents itself and be ready to make another choice...then repeat the cycle indefinitely.


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