Your Opportunity

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Confused about Opportunity and Making the ‘Right Decision’?

There are no wrong decisions in life.

(Besides the obvious, please don’t be a literal prick, open your mind to this idea about finding your way.).

We tend to determine whether the choice we made was right or wrong

based on the outcome.

But the outcome is dictated by our effort and ability…not the decision itself.

We must not be crippled by trying to ‘pick’ the right path.

Neither path is right…neither is wrong…they are just paths.

They are both an opportunity.

The reality is that opportunity isn’t the beginning…it’s the result.

Understanding this removes the bullshit excuse that we’re not ready or we haven’t been given the chance.

Opportunity is not is constant.

Everything is Opportunity.

You just have to start wherever you are right now.

Because where you are right now is the result of previous choice and action.

The only thing to do is work your face off and give everything that you can to the current path that you are on.

You are working to improve the path…or get off it.

But the focus is on this path, right now.

Work at it long enough and THEN the next opportunity will present itself.

Once it does you have another decision to make….take it or don’t.





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