Zoo Animals

2020 was making me feel like a zoo animal.

So I stopped participating in the nonsense.

I reapplied logic.

And I returned to my life in progress.

My vulnerabilities had become glaringly obvious and it was an uncomfortable process to come to terms with it.

I was embarrassed that as a man, and the head of my household, I was so unprepared to provide and protect my family if the shit hit the fan.

Some things have been relatively easy to fix and some of it will be a forever process of working towards improvement.

It all starts by recognizing it and owning it.

My focus will never again be on comfortable, smooth and easy.

It will be stuck on honest, prepared, and capable.

Sovereign is the ultimate goal.

The only way we can experience a life unchained.

In general, our way of life is counter productive.

We are weak-minded + unprepared, soft + lazy.

The average person is unprepared for anything that strays outside of a normal day.

The slightest hiccup throws us into chaos and panic.


A few of us unprepared is bad.

The average, or worse yet, the majority of us falling into this category…

...we are in deep shit.

Now the herd is vulnerable.

It’s not hard to see how quickly our inabilities can be turned against us.

Our need for safety and comfort used against us.

Welcome to the fork in the road.

What are you going to do now?


We are acting like a bunch of zoo animals.

We’re eating what we’re fed and doing what we’re told.

We’ve been conditioned.

The door to the cage is open but we won’t go through it.

If we do, then we’ll have to take care of ourselves.

So instead we sit and wait.

If this is the existence you seek, then fine.

But don’t bitch about it.

Too many people are sitting in an open cage whining about the bars around them...

...each one it’s own excuse.

We are the most fortunate humans on Earth.

We live in the United States of America.

That eliminates your excuses.

Go read the Declaration of Independence.

It DECLARES your freedom.

It doesn’t ask for it.

It doesn’t suggest it.

There is no question mark.

It’s a declaration.

But it’s not a promise…

…and it requires action.

It clearly states that if we reach the point that our government oversteps its power…

...that we the citizens have a DUTY to change it.

Are we awake?

Are we capable?

Are we willing?

What happened?

Why are we so soft?

Is it because we aren’t hungry and we’ve had no real threat or challenge for generations?

Are we distracted and brainwashed by the screens we watch and the care we are given?

Are we just a bunch of caged animals that have lost our ability to hunt and stand up for ourselves?

My hope is that you have a line in the sand that hasn’t been crossed yet.

Do you?

You should.

You must.

Don’t go looking for a fight…but know where your line is and what you’re going to do if it’s crossed.

Otherwise, it won’t stop.

What is the end game?

Whining and talking shit about “what’s happening in the World” to your in-laws over a glass of wine isn’t going to cut it.

Eventually you have to stop participating in the conversation and get to living by your principles without compromise.

You have to start living above it.

On your terms.


It doesn’t require anymore than that….yet.


At some point there is no sense in bitching and worrying about what the others are doing and saying.

If something bothers you then do something about it.

If they took something away that you disagree with…do it anyway.

If they are asking something of you that you disagree with…don’t comply.

We’ve landed in a spot collectively where we are under so much stress and debt and in such poor health that we’ve literally given away our sovereignty.

We don’t have more than a few days of food in the fridge, or more than a weeks worth of dollar bills in the bank.

We live in the cycle and we’ve become numb to it.

We live in America. It will be fine.

Until it’s not.

What happens when the cycle stops spinning?

Who is responsible for you then?

What’s your plan?

We’ve outsourced it all and put everything on auto-pilot and it’s created the slow decline and laziness that so many find themselves in at this very moment.

We go to the doctor and take the pills they prescribe when maybe we should have joined the gym instead.

We go to the shrink and take the pills they prescribe when maybe we should have read a book instead.

We bitch that they took the Pledge of Allegiance out of the schools....but do WE teach it to our kids anyway?

We complain that there are no term limits...but do we vote the assholes out anyway?

Why don’t WE have the ability or the willingness to step up and take control of our lives?

Everything is prepared and done for us and it’s all at our finger tips…

But what happens when it’s not?

What are you going to do then?

What’s the plan?

Is it really any wonder why we don’t have any say or control when it all goes south?


The root of the problem is always the same…personal responsibility.

We are the only creatures on Earth who feel like we’re entitled to anything.

The slow zebra knows he doesn’t have time to whine about being slow…he better just get to figuring out how to survive.

He’s not worried about the rules or the other zebras…he’s worried about staying alive. So he does what HE must.

Many of us don’t have this ability.

We’ve been too comfy for too long.

It’s showing.

This message is not meant to simply scare or discourage you for the place we find ourselves in.

It’s a call to action.

A wake up call.

You can make changes to your approach right now.

Spend the evening identifying the areas of your life that make you the most nervous….and the weekend making a plan to do something about it.

Where are you most vulnerable?

What’s your plan going to be to fix it?

Then start fixing it.

One step at a time.

Imagine how good you’ll feel a month from now when you’ve taken back control of these areas in your life and you’re on a path to limiting your vulnerabilities.


There is more opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive in the world today than at any other time in history…but most of us can’t get out of our own way.

We aren't prepared.

So we aren't confident.

So we don't act.

We freeze on the problem without taking ownership of the solution.

We’re standing at the open door but we can’t step through it.

Just stop whining and waiting to be told what to do and where to go…

...just fucking go.

It's actually that simple.

It's not easy...but it's simple.

Take the step.

Figure it out.

All of it.

Remember that EVERYTHING in your life is your responsibility…

Your health.

Your mindset.

Your knowledge.

Your family.

Your children.

Your personal protection.

Your freedom.

It’s all yours.

No one is coming to save you.

It’s your work to do.

Personal responsibility and mutual respect are the only way forward.

Focus & Fortitude


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